Welcome to iEcom.  We are seriously excited about what we have for you here, and know for a fact, if you apply what we teach you, and complete the course, you WILL get results! 

Introduction : What is iEcom and what can it do for you?


We created iEcom with you in mind.   You see it wasn’t so long ago that we ourselves were struggling to make money online (ecommmerce), and we remember only too well what the major obstacles were that consistently prevented us from making progress.

And in iEcom we wanted to solve those problems for you, as much as possible, and give you a fighting chance of success at last.

iEcom is combination of training and tools, all aimed at getting you reliable, honest, consistent results.

You won’t find any fluff in here.  Just straight advice, guidance and solutions to help you succeed.

We genuinely want to help as many people as possible to get success when it comes to making money online.  So we worked on a solution that can work for absolutely anyone.  All you need to do is follow the training, apply what we teach, use the tools we provide you, and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t start seeing results…and fast!

Welcome to iEcom!

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Module 1 Setup

1. Store Compliance

2. App + Merchant Center

3. Shipping settings setup

4. Adwords Setup

5. Conversion tracking setup

6. Syncing products to merchant center

Module 2 Product Research

1 Criteria

2. Meeting product criteria

3. Product research

4. Product research - commerce inspector

5. SEM Rush

6. Similar web & CJ

7. MyIPS ms

Module 3 Product Uploads

1 Product pricing

2 Importing from Aliexpress Oberlo

3 Product Feed integrity

4 Product images + title

5 Product description

6 Adding tags

7 CJ Dropshipping

Module 4 Google Ads Mastery

1 Merchant Center overview

2 Adwords interface + columns

3 Bid Strategy

4 Budget Strategy

Module 5 Shopping Campaign

1. IMPORTANT - Currencies

2. Creating Test campaign

3. Drilling Item IDs

4. Naughty Negatives

5. Adding Locations

6. Campaign launch check

7. Ongoing Drilling

8. Tapering down bids

Module 6 Campaign Optimization

1. Excluding Unprofitable products

2. Excluding search terms

3. Device bid adjustments

4. Bid reduction on converting products

5. Location bid adjustments

Module 7 Campaign Scaling

1. Single product campaign

2. International Geo setup

3. International Geo campaign

4. Switching bid strategy

5 TROAS Bid Strategy

Module 8 Search Campaign

1. Search Campaign Creation

2. Brand search campaign