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Why Promote This Offer?

iEcom is an online program that will allow you to fully master e-commerce, with in-depth teaching on Google Ads.

Why Google Ads and not Facebook? 

Simple. Facebook is a social platform. Not a single individual goes on Facebook to find products to buy. They are there to connect with others, and your ads are a nuisance to them. On the other hand, people specifically search on Google for products, with the intent to buy.

Simply put, Facebook = Cold Traffic and Google = Scorching hot traffic with buyers intent.

The step-by-step training will give you the necessary tools you need to reach your first $100 day within 30 Days and become an iEcom, regardless of your technical skills or any previous experience in  e-commerce.

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Does This Method Work?

Take A look at these proofs !

Speed Contest

$5750 Total Contest

FE  # Sales

First to 500 Sales: $2500

First to 300 Sales: $1,500

Next to 200 Sales: $1,000

Next to 100 Sales: $500

Next to 75 Sales: $250

Important: You Need To Earn Equal To Or More Amount Of Commissions In Order To Qualify For The Full Prize Money.

 If You Don’t Then You’ll Be Paid Out The Amount You’ve Made In Commissions Depending On Your Prize.



%50 Of Commission

OTO #1


%50 Of Commission

OTO #2 


%50 Of Commission

Recommended Resources

FE iEcom Training 

  • Module 1: Setup
  • Module 2: Product Research
  • Module 3: Product Uploads
  • Module 4: Google Ads Mastery
  • Module 5: Shopping Campaign
  • Module 6: Campaign Optimization
  • Module 7: Campaign Scaling
  • Module 8: Search Campaign

OTO #1 Top Email Secrets

More 50 DFY Email Marketing for Shopify Email Templete

  • Proven Email Templete.
  • Smart Email Sequences.
  • Works For Any Type Of Stores.

OTO #2 Reseller Rights

A completely done for you sales funnel filled with 3 high-converting products that can make up to $56 for every single person sent into the funnel.

Buyers can sell 'iEcom' as their own product. They can set it up on their websites and keep all the profits.

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Affiliate Terms & Condition!

  • No email SPAM or unsolicited emails to anyone promotingiEcom.
  • You may not use your own affiliate link to buy iEcom for yourself in order to get an affiliate commission. Those transactions will be voided of commissions.
  • If you plan to use google adwords or facebook paid traffic or solo ads. Please make sure your ad targeting and your keywords are properly chosen so you're reach people that will be interested in IEcom.
  • Email marketing is permitted as long as you are promoting to a list that you own on an autoresponder like aweber, getresponse, etc and the list members are somewhat targeted to products like iEcom.
  • Review access to iEcom will be approved on an individual basis.  You may not ask for review access to get free access for yourself.
  • Doing a review blog or video of iEcom is acceptable as long as you do not make false claims about what iEcom can or cannot do.

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