"A Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Starting & Scaling A Profitable One Product Store Or General Store" (Backed By Real Case Studies)

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Training Modules


Welcome to Kindle Boss Blueprint.  We are seriously excited about what we have for you here, and know for a fact, if you apply what we teach you, and complete the course, you WILL get results! 

Introduction : What is Kindle Boss Blueprint and what can it do for you?


We created Kindle Boss Blueprint  with you in mind.   You see it wasn’t so long ago that we ourselves were struggling to make money online (KDP), and we remember only too well what the major obstacles were that consistently prevented us from making progress.

And in Kindle Boss Blueprint we wanted to solve those problems for you, as much as possible, and give you a fighting chance of success at last.

Kindle Bosss Blueprint  is combination of training and tools, all aimed at getting you reliable, honest, consistent results.

You won’t find any fluff in here.  Just straight advice, guidance and solutions to help you succeed.

We genuinely want to help as many people as possible to get success when it comes to making money online.  So we worked on a solution that can work for absolutely anyone.  All you need to do is follow the training, apply what we teach, use the tools we provide you, and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t start seeing results…and fast!

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Module 1.Keywords, Niches, Subtitles, Descriptions + More

1 Free Google Chrome Add Ons You Need To Get An Edge

2 You May Be Doing Your Subtitles Wrong

3 Game Changing Description Writing

4 My Keywords Formula

5 A Superior Niche Selection Hack Very Few People Know This

6 Seasonal Books vs Evergreen Selling Books

7 NEW Book Pricing Strategy & How You Can Sell Notebooks For $8 99+

8 NEW An Observation From Some Top Ranked Books Use Obscurity To Your Advantage

9.Easy Way To Find Underground Niches

Module 2.Insider Tips, Secrets & Unknown Hacks

2.1 Secret Tips To Upload Your Books Faster People Don't Know This

2.2 How NOT to run this publishing business!

2.3 Outsourcing Design Work Abroad Low $$$

2.4 An Incredible Free Website To Get Funny Journal Design Ideas

2.5 How To Differentiate & Convert More Sales Than Others

2.6 When To Stop Relying Only On Free Image Sites & What To Use Instead

Module 3.Opening Up Lucrative New Avenues Of Income

3.2 How To Create Guest Book Interiors These Are A Huge Seller For Me!

3.1 How I Get 4x More Royalties Selling Guest Books NICHES EXPOSED!

3.3 Golden Advice Here How I Create Guest Book Covers Better Than The Rest

3.4 Uploading the Guest Book Reinforcing Advanced Subtitle, Keyword & Description Strategies

3.5 Researching & Designing Log Books Record Books

3.6 Software To Create Puzzle Books Many Many Different Types!

3.7 Colouring Books Have HUGE Sales Potential

3.8 How To Create Colouring Books Pt 1 Interior Design

3.9 Colouring Books Design Pt 2 Cover Design

Module 4.Going Deeper

4.1 Five Common Book Rejection Reasons & Five Solutions

4.2 The One Reason People Really Fail On KDP

4.3 Journal Keyword Research With Example

4.4 The Easy Trick To Make Your Books Stand Out

The Tools